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Barrows: Michael Crabtree Has Entered The Building

Fooch's Update 11:15amMindi Bach joining Barrows and Branch with tweets from practice. Defensive players Justin Smith, Parys Haralson, Isaac Sopoaga, and Ray McDonald all at the minicamp.

In what will likely be the most quoted phrase of the day, "our long, national nightmare is over." 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has entered the building. About an hour ago, Matt Barrows tweeted that Michael Crabtree arrived at the 49ers players-only minicamp with Josh Morgan. Based on other tweets from Barrows and Eric Branch, Anthony Davis arrived with Anthony Dixon, Mike Iupati is also in the house, and Ted Ginn and Dominique Zeigler were seen entering the building. We know Vernon Davis will be in attendance and Alex Smith is leading practice. We'll wait for more names when the players tweet later today.

The practice itself is going to be closed to the media. If the 49ers players wanted to get some good publicity they'd hold a raffle for charity like the Saints did recently. The Saints offered up four passes to watch their lockout practices and donated the money to various charities.

The "big news," if you can call it that is that Michael Crabtree is in town for practice. Initially he had been sticking around home in Texas while some of the 49ers players were getting together in the South Bay. Then, he came out to the Bay Area but had not joined up with the practicing players. Now we finally get Crabtree working out with his teammates. I'm sure there will still be some complaints here, but at the end of the day, I still think it's a non-story in terms of the relationship between the players. He's in camp and working out with the team. Given the context of the current situation, I can live with that.