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NFL Rains On Our Camp Alex Parade: Preparing For Eight Game Season

Thanks to Hungry Hunter for the comment in the minicamp thread on this topic as I would not have seen it until later. Apparently apparently the NFL has officially begun preparations for an eight game season as a contingency plan in case the work stoppage continues into the regular season. Just as we were getting excited about the Camp Alex minicamp, the NFL has to go and rain on our parade. Needless to say that rubs me the wrong way.

It would be interesting to see how the league organizes a schedule based on a half a season. The 49ers 2011 schedule includes six divisional matchups, four AFC matchups, and then a mix of six non-divisional NFC contests. Do you go with six divisional games and two random conference games? Hopefully it doesn't come down to this, but you never can tell what might happen with this set-up.

Personally, I think it would be fair to give the 49ers their six divisional games and then one game with Cleveland and one game with Washington. I'd take Cincinnati over either team too, if need be. After all, I'm a man who is willing to compromise.