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"Camp Alex" - Video And Comments From 49ers Players

It's probably a little ridiculous to refer to this as Camp Alex at this point, but given Alex Smith's leadership role in getting this together, I think it's amusing enough to stick with it. We'll see if we can get the #CampAlex hashtag building on Twitter. It's not meant to take away from the rest of the players busting their butt. Rather it's just more for our own amusement.

The folks at CSN Bay Area had Mindi Bach and a camera crew on hand at San Jose State to capture some of the practice and also speak with some of the players after practice. The first video is raw footage of the team practicing. It opens with players arriving and doing some basic conditioning. It follows with Alex Smith running some pass plays. We see some lineman drills followed by David Carr running some plays and then defensive linemen running stadium steps.

The second video is an interview with Vernon Davis after practice. There's nothing too earth-shattering in the interview. The most amusing moment (if you can call it that) is when Tim Kawakami was asking him questions about who was running the classroom sessions. When Davis said Alex Smith was in charge, Kawakami acted rather shocked and made a couple comments about him not being on the roster. Vernon Davis' response, "He will be."

The third video was the Q&A with Michael Crabtree in which he mentioned that he's been in town for a while working out. He spoke primarily about the playbook and getting used to the language used instead of the previous number system. It sounds like he'll be heading back to Texas after the minicamp for some more workouts but will be back in the Bay Area for additional team activities.

Raw footage of the 49ers at San Jose State

Vernon Davis Interview


Michael Crabtree Interview