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Golden Nuggets: Eight Game NFL Season? See You In 2012

Morning folks, Ninjames here. Any of you guys following E3 this week? I watched Microsoft's conference yesterday and I was very unimpressed. EA had a good showing from what I understand, I just can't take it when everything is all about motion controls. That being said, I'm totally stoked for Skyrim ... I've watched yesterday's six-minute video about thirty times so far. So yeah. But anyway, I suppose we have to get around to talking about the NFL and more specifically, our 49ers. Then again, maybe we don't, because I hate thinking about the NFL at the moment. I don't think we'll have football, and the league planning for an eight-game season just hurts my soul. I'd rather have no football than an eight-game season, especially an eight-game season in which a Super Bowl winner is crowned.  Blah. It's all bad. Here's the links.

Alex Smith hosted a minicamp yesterday, showing a lot of leadership qualities he was previously absent of. I feel really good about that. (

I do not feel really good about Michael Crabtree, who, despite the fact that he was there yesterday, did not seem very happy about the fact that Smith is likely the starting quarterback. (

Here's a list of players that were at the minicamp yesterday. Good to see Dominique Zeigler running some routes. (

Hey guys, get this ... other players are happy with Smith's leadership qualities. Forgive me if I don't buy into it just yet, but at least we're not hearing negative things at the moment. (

Memorial Service Set For Johnson (

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