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49ers' Adam Snyder & Joe Staley Slimming Up

Earlier today 49ers offensive lineman Adam Snyder sent out a tweet indicating that he and Joe Staley both weighed in at under 300 pounds. For Snyder it was the first time he came in under 300 pounds since his sophomore year of college.

Given the concerns about size and health with retired offensive linemen, I suppose losing a few pounds isn't the worst idea in the world. Of course, this also comes on the heals of Anthony Davis telling Matt Barrows he had hired a personal strength coach and was at a toned 328 pounds. So we've got offensive linemen going up and down the scales.

Tre9er had a pertinent tweet on the topic of Snyder and Staley dropping weight, raising an important question: Have there been many solid offensive linemen in recent years who played under 300 pounds? Back in the day before players got especially big, offensive linemen generally came in under 300 pounds, but times have changed. Of course, if you can develop a bit more speed in your offensive linemen, maybe that can be a positive.

For purposes of on-field production, Is this a good thing to have offensive linemen dropping down under 300 pounds?