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Golden Nuggets: Mark Purdy Thinks Workouts Don't Mean Much

Morning one and all. James is away for the moment so I'm covering the Nuggets today. Yesterday I learned via Twitter of an "interesting" article from Mark Purdy in which he complained that the 49ers workouts are not important and was kind of sensitive to Alex Smith closing the workouts to the press. I understand the arguments folks will make about freedom of the press and whatnot and while I don't think they necessarily hold water, it's an argument that can be made.

What I find bizarre about Purdy's article was the conflicting points he was making early on about the lack of importance to the workouts. Smith closed the workouts and Purdy uses his column to point out how unimportant these workouts are and how the masses don't care. He claimed that he was just there as a community service. My question is this: if nobody cares, why are multiple members of the media attending, tweeting, and live blogging from the event?

Personally I do think there is value in getting together and learning the playbook together. Mark Purdy disagreed and did so in what struck me as a very childish manner. Maybe I'm misinterpreting his column. On to the Nuggets (of which there are MANY)....

Camp Alex -- 49ers Offensive School (Maiocco)

Rookies getting first taste of an NFL playbook (Barrows)

Smith takes charge of 49ers' workouts (Yahoo! Sports)

Alex Smith trying to lead 49ers during NFL Lockout (Yahoo! Sports)

Crabtree rests sore feet; Morgan quizzes Kaepernick (Branch)

Sore feet for 49ers' Crabtree, no sore feelings (Branch)

Michael Crabtree - Sore Feet (

Crabtree attends team meeting but sore feet keep him off 49ers practice field (Mercury news)

Smith leads 49ers in workouts; Crabtree lukewarm in support (

Why should I care about this Crabtree-Smith drama, exactly? ( - La Canfora)

49ers, Stanford Announce Partnership (

Power Rankings: Top 10 Toughest Venues (

Poll: The toughest venue in the NFC West (Sando)

Players give Jackson edge over Gore (Sando)

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