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Kevin Jurovich: Will The Extra Practice Make A Difference?

One player who has been prominently involved in the 49ers offseason workouts during the lockout has been wide receiver Kevin Jurovich. Of course, he's from Santa Clara and attended San Jose State University, so it's not like he has to go too far out of his way to be active in these workouts. My question is whether it can give him any sort of edge if/when we get to an eventual training camp.

Jurovich has been a practice squad body during his brief NFL career so he has some work to do if he wants to make a 53-man roster. In looking through the 49ers wide receivers, I'd imagine Michael Crabtree, Josh Morgan, Kyle Williams, Dominique Zeigler, Ronald Johnson and Ted Ginn are all likely 53-man roster candidates. I'd actually argue with all the return options that Ted Ginn might be the most on the fence. We can argue all day about that, but it will at least be a battle.

That's six receivers right there, which would leave Jurovich as an odd man out. Is there too big a difference between Jurovich and the rest of the 49ers receivers for him to climb onto the roster? Will his work with Alex Smith this offseason matter? I realize some folks don't buy into the chemistry issue being developed, but is it at all possible he could develop sufficient chemistry with Smith to have a chance to look really solid in training camp? Or am I just spewing BS?