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49ers "Camp Alex" Notes, Day 3: Wittle bwisters Keep Crabtree Off Field

Another day of Camp Alex has come and gone on the campus of San Jose State University. Like the previous two days, the players started with film session/classroom work and then took the field for some stretching and drills.  Notably absent on the turf today were Michael Crabtree and Delanie Walker.

Crabtree was not on the field for physical activity on Tuesday either.  Josh Morgan told reporters that Crabtree had "sore feet" from a new pair of cleats he wore on Monday.

This reminds me of when I was in Jr. High Football.  We were all new to contact-football, and some apparently new to the toughness required to play the game.  One of my classmates wrote a note to the coach the day after a game saying, "Coach, I won't be at practice because my legs are sore from the game."

That went over like a turd in the punch-bowl.

Similarly has the news of Crabtree's baby blisters gone over in my "heart" which is starting to turn to "stone" over the many ways in which this "football player" finds to keep himself off the field in the off-season...especially one shortened by a lockout.

In other news, some stuff happened, the defense didn't show up, and CRABTREE DIDN'T TAKE THE FIELD!

The reporters were kicked-out again once the stretching and such were "news" is sparce at the moment.  I have to go now, my fingers are sore from this new keyboard I'm using.