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49ers' OL Adam Snyder: Factoring Into The Center Position?

One of the more prominent players featured in the 49ers workouts lately has been offensive lineman Adam Snyder. While Snyder has spent his career bouncing between guard and tackle, the lack of a center in the 49ers minicamp has resulted in Snyder handling snapping duties. This result has actually got me thinking about the potential benefit once free agency gets going.

The 49ers center situation is in a state of flux right now. Eric Heitmann's neck injury has him sidelined indefinitely at this point. The man who replaced him in 2010, Dave Baas, is an unrestricted free agent and while some of the players have indicated they really want him back, it remains to be seen how the economics of the situation will play out. Tony Wragge is a free agent and always seem better suited as a swing back-up option between guard and center. Finally, the team has drafted a couple of young offensive lineman, with Daniel Kilgore as a potential option down the road.

Adam Snyder is in a situation that could place him at a number of positions at this point. I have to believe he'll be battling Chilo Rachal for the starting right guard position. But if need be, could he end up slotted in at center? Possibly a repeat of last year when Baas moved over to center?

Speaking of Baas, he has missed out on the beginning of minicamp, but according to Joe Staley, Baas has arrived in the South Bay (check out this random picture with what appears to be a pretty jacked up Baas).