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Golden Nuggets: Stay Classy, 49ers Fans

Morning, folks. Right off the bat, I'm going to go ahead and link you to the ongoing match in the NN NFL Tournament of Badness. This is my favorite match of the opening round and it needs plenty of votes to do it justice. I also noticed that the good folks over at Music City Miracles found out about this post, and to them, I say "thanks," for, at least at the time of writing this, having not come over here whining like little children as past blogs have. It's a fun contest and we can't be expected to like every player ever. They've a good blog over there ant the Titans are alright by me. That being said, I will not let up on my undying hatred (not really hatred, but you get me) for Cortland Finnegan. I dislike him as much as I think Kevin Kolb blows. Let's get to your linkage, chillldren!

This is a great piece that Fooch talked about yesterday regarding Ronald Johnson and his football. (

I'm sure you heard about this and that it was already linked, but Michael Crabtree sat out of workouts with a sore foot. I'm not even going to touch this one. (

The 49ers aren't likely to pursue Plaxico Burress. I'm not sure that this is either a good thing or a bad thing, I'm pretty neutral on it. I am of the opinion that the 49ers could use a veteran wide receiver, but I'm also not sure if Burress will have anything to offer when it's all said and done. (

Adam Snyder is trying his hand at center, a position I think he would have been very, very good at if he played it from the beginning. Can he pick it up? Probably. Also, David Baas is a gigantic monster. (

Anthony Dixon is hoping to excel under Jim Harbaugh. I really am a huge fan of Dixon, it hasn't quite entered Thomas Clayton levels of obsession, but I like the guy. Unfortunately, Kendall Hunter will probably make him pretty expendable. (

Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree need eachother. Personally, I wouldn't want to need either of those guys for one reason or another. (

"Should he stay or should he go? David Baas" ... Dumb question. (

Brain of ex-49er Johnson to be examined at Boston University (

A Natural Progression (

49ers Celebrate Stadium Vote Anniversary (

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