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Alex Smith And Michael Crabtree Have Reportedly "Cleared The Air"

As what has quickly become "Camp Alex" comes to a close today, Alex Smith will be speaking with the media after practice. I think it's safe to assume most of the questions will be about Michael Crabtree and the prickly relationship that may or may not be developing between quarterback and receiver.

We'll have more updates at that point, but in the meantime, Maiocco is reporting that sources indicate Smith and Crabtree spoke privately about their respective public comments and supposedly have cleared the air. It will be interesting to hear what Alex has to say on the issue, particularly given how easy it is for professional athletes to fall into the cliches we always hear.

I have to believe there's a drinking game somewhere in there for this press conference. Any guesses at this point on what Smith will say? "Cleared the air" has to be high on the list. "We're all good" wouldn't surprise me. I bet we hear something about how it has all been blown out of proportion. Alex won't blast the media for covering the story but I bet we'll at least get some inference from Alex that they've made it bigger than it really is. Whether that's true or not is besides the point. We're talking athlete cliches people!

I do have to say if the air is sufficiently cleared, today has been pretty much the opposite of yesterday. By the end of the day yesterday, the A's had dropped nine straight and were falling apart, while Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree had probably already signed a contract to fight to the death in a steel cage. Today, Bob Geren has been fired and Smith and Crabtree have met to try and clear things up. Happy days are here again.