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Golden Nuggets: I'm Back, Without Really Leaving

Good morning, folks. So, after my Google coma from yesterday, I'm ready to dive back into things. I actually had a big interview of sorts with SB Nation that has kept me rather distracted over the past few days, but I'm back to full swing having taken care of it. Apparently Camp Alex happened and Michael Crabtree was not there, and then he was again, and then he wasn't. Or something like that. Sure, I'm paying more attention now, but I'm going to remain lousy at explaining things, because that's how I roll. 

Tight end Vernon Davis says that Jim Harbaugh's offense is tight end friendly. Now, we already figured this, so it's good to get some confirmation on that, but he also said that the offense appears flexible. That's great, because the biggest problem outside of a lack of preparation last season was the fact that the team never abandoned a losing strategy. (

As Fooch noted yesterday, Eric Branch is moving on to hopefully bigger and better things after writing for a short time at the Press Democrat. Like I said before, I've been engrossed in Branch's style since he took over for Phil Barber (who I also liked), so I hope only the best for him right now. (

There does seem to be some misconceptions regarding Michael Crabtree. Maybe many of the concerns folks here have voiced are going to come true and he ends up being a huge bust, but that really doesn't mean that we have any reason to think them right now. (

It seems as though Eric Heitmann was injured doing the Mike Singletary nutcracker drills. That really sucks, while I liked the intensity and things like that, I always knew they were a bad idea. (

The offensive skill position players have been well-represented at the 49ers minicamps. I feel like the 49ers have some great guys in that regard, glad to see them showing a desire to ... you know, get ahead of the curve. (

Happy to see Joe Staley healthy and practicing. He has been both underrated and overrated by the fanbase, I will leave it "he's pretty darn good", and note that the line is better with him on it. (

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