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Football Sunday Game Day Routines: What's Yours?

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I thought a Sunday would be the best time of any to post a fun topic like this. For 21 Sunday's out of the year (22 if you count the Pro Bowl), there is one day that outshines the rest. That day is Sunday, a magical day filled with traditions and routines.

It is a day unlike any other, and when that last one comes to an end; Sunday just feels like another day. They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I call bulldog on that, when football ends it just sucks.

Today, I am going to give you my routine, what I do on game day Sunday's, and explain the traditions etc... that has been a part of my life for the last 20+ years.

Also, I want to hear some stories from you all.

I am not one of those "average football fans", who catch of glimpse of a game when they have a chance. Instead, I am intent on focusing on the games and nothing else around me really matters. This is mostly the situation only when our San Francisco 49ers play.

By this I mean; there are not parties at my house, and if your just a casual football observer; don't bother watching the game with me. Nothing upsets me more than watching the 49ers play with someone that doesn't know about football and spends the entire game asking questions; LAME. My ex would barricade herself in the room during 49er games because she said I was "intolerable". Well, good!

I don't drink anymore, but when I did there were no sports bars for me. I want to watch the freaking game, not listen to people run on about crap I could care less about. Instead, I wake up early in the morning, 8 AM to be specific. Love to catch FOX's pre game show. Have to admit I love the banter on that show. Especially, between Bradshaw and Johnson.

I usually go across the street for a real nice iced americano, grab the newspaper, totally 1900's I know. Then I sit at home watching the pre-game show, drinking coffee and reading the Sporting Green; some traditions never end.

If the 49ers are on during the afternoon, which is most of the time, I pay close attention to the early games. Before the Redzone I would watch any NFL game. It didn't matter if the Cleveland Browns were playing the Carolina Panthers; It is NFL football. Now, I am able to switch between the games in important circumstances. By the way, that Scott Hansen guy is pretty darn amazing; would love to have that job.

Then around noon I get prepared for the 49er game, emotionally prepared that is. See, the 49ers losing on a Sunday can ruin the rest of the day for me. That is just the way I am. Kickoff comes, and the rest of the world is absolute to me. Nothing else matters besides what happens for those 60 minutes. I don't talk to anyone, my phone is usually off; and don't dare call me if the 49ers lose.

When I was younger, still sometimes, I watch the game with my mother. She is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but knows more about football than any other female I have ever come across.

Of course, this is if I am not at the game. When the 49ers are at home, I usually go. So, that is an entirely different situation. I am not into the tailgating crap either. Instead, I love to go to Mel's grab a lunch and get ready for the game. I show up about an hour early, get all prepared and find my seat. I am one of those people you see that is all decked out in 49er gear. In fact, the tackier the better if you ask me. I usually sit by other season ticket holders, and that makes the experience so much better. There is nothing worse than going to a football game and sitting next to people that don't have a concept about what it means to go to a game. Get off of your cell phones, don't sit there and complain about your week or talk about a tragic family get together from the previous day; NO ONE CARES! Talk about football, the 49ers and the situations that take place during the game; NOTHING ELSE.

So, there you have it. I can be biggest jerk during football Sunday. I have my routine, I know what I like to do and no one should ever mess with that. I wouldn't have it any other way, it has been this way since I was 7 freaking years old. I don't miss San Francisco 49er football games, never! If an emergency comes up then I have it on DVR or Tivo. In fact, there was a little thing called VHS videotapes back in the 1900s (Sorry Manraj, probably lost you there). I would actually put one of these big black tapes in a Front load player and record the freaking game If I had to miss it.

So tell me your routines or some specific stories in regards to game day Sundays. This should be real interesting.