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Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick Have Social Visit At Nevada Football Scholarship Dinner

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49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and head coach Jim Harbaugh were in the same room Friday night for the first time since possibly their last workout or interview before the NFL Draft. Both men were in attendance at Nevada's annual Governor's Dinner at the Governor's mansion (thanks to MM for the link). The dinner, helps fund scholarships for Wolfpack athletes, had Harbaugh as the featured speaker and also included some comments from Kaepernick, a Nevada graduate.

NFL players and coaches are allowed social visits, as seen when Harbaugh sent flowers to Alex Smith's wife after she gave birth to the couple's first child. We've also seen it with coaches that are actually related to one of their players. The labor dispute has created some awkward situations particularly for coaches that don't want to cross the line of NFL rules.

Naturally this got me thinking back to one of the funnier phrases I've heard: "If you're not cheatin, you're not tryin." If you've been following the lockout, particularly via Twitter, you've probably seen a variety of comments about word leaking out that players and coaches have been in contact throughout the lockout. They've worked to keep it on the down low, but in this modern day word always seems to leak out to somebody when some funny business is going on.

Given all that, would you be disappointed if Harbaugh and his staff hadn't figured out some way to communicate with the players? Or would you consider it a sign of class? Since I posted "If you're not cheatin, you're not tryin" you might be able to guess which side I'm on. I'm not for cheating at every turn because there are legitimate rules that need to be followed and I do like having a certain amount of class in the teams I support. At the same time, there are some actions that are justified given the ridiculous nature of the rules governing the situation.