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Golden Nuggets: Waiting On The Lockout, And Al Davis Apparently Doesn't Like Fast Guys

Aaaand we're back. I got a full night's sleep and have melatonin to thank for that. Now I can get back to full Golden Nuggets for you good folks. Plus, the album I was waiting for leaked (though just a day before release), so I'm in a very good mood. That being said, there's not a whole lot of new links today, if any, so there will likely be some repeats. Everybody is sitting, waiting and hoping for something to get done in regards to the lockout ... count me in that lot. I almost don't want to write about football at all because it's making me get even more anxious about this whole mess. Also received an email from a Raiders fan yesterday talking about how there's nothing to show Al Davis likes fast guys. Haha. Enjoy the links.

Jim Harbaugh says that the best quarterback will play, and I believe him. While I don't think that Colin Kaepernick will be ready, I've been wrong before, and if he's ready, I want him to get the job. There's been much said about Alex Smith and how Harbaugh really wants it on the team, it'd be a shame for Smith to win simply because Harbaugh had said so much about him. (

And it's true, that is something almost every 49er fan was hoping he would say. Now we just all have to hope he sticks to his word and that there's at least one candidate who actually looks like a starting quarterback. Saying the best quarterback will play doesn't mean any of them are actually good. (

The 49ers are hosting the Super Bowl Under The Stars event at the Santa Clara training facility. They'll be showing the first Super Bowl the team won, so that should be cool. I'm sure there's tickets still available, and they're free - so check 'em out. (

Joe Montana's hotel idea is not one the city manager is fond of, so he could lose out on it if they get to a bidding war and he can't keep up. (San Jose Business Journal)

I don't agree that Green Bay's combination of Bart Starr and Brett Favre compare at all to the 49ers' combination of Joe Montana and Steve Young. The Colts' combination of Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning gets a lot closer, but it's still no comparison at this point. (

One of the writers over at our Rams blog, Turf Show Times, posted a list of his top ten players in the NFC West. Aubrayo Franklin, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Justin Smith and Mike Iupati make the list. I don't agree with the list in its entirety, but it's nice to see that there's not a ton of bias going around. (

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