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Golden Nuggets: Kinda/Sorta Progress On The Lockout Maybe Probably

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Good morning, chillllldren! The lockout "kinda/sorta" news continues as we've got more dates to get excited about and potentially depressed about as we watch them fly by. Don't you all just hate the whistling sound it made when June 24th passed overhead? July 21st and 25th will be deafening if it makes it overhead. That being said, you should still probably something approaching optimistic at this point. Keep the faith, folks. I've got some links for you today, not sure how many, so I'll shut my trap for once and get to it. Enjoy.

Pertinent news in regards to the lockout, July 25th is the magic number when it comes to filling up a team's roster. On that day, if all goes as people are hoping, the team would be able to get up to the roster limit for training camp. (

The Alex Smith-led minicamps were great in my opinion, but the team isn't going to enter training camp with anything near a passable knowledge of Greg Roman's west coast offense. It's silly to assume otherwise. (

Eric Branch has been writing about Josh Johnson lately, and I had a piece recently about him as well. Johnson to the 49ers makes sense ... at least for the team. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Is it feasible to move Nate Clements over to safety? I really don't think so, if he moves to safety, he'd have to take a pay cut, and we don't have any corners to replace him. We want him to take a pay cut regardless, but at that point, I think he should remain a cornerback. (

The days following the lockout's end are going to be absolutely hectic. As Maiocco puts it, you could accurately describe it as a "feeding frenzy". I can't wait. (

It really stinks that Kyle Williams was so banged up last year because I really liked him coming out of college and felt that he had something to contribute. Well, he's not giving up yet, he's looking to prove himself against some tough competition. (

2011 Youth Football Camp Begins (

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