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2011 49ers QB Situation: Who Will Be Starting Week One?

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Now that we seem to finally be getting closer and closer to the end of the NFL's labor malaise, I wanted to gauge opinions on the 49ers QB situation heading into the season. The 49ers face a bit of a bizarre situation having a new coaching staff with a free agent QB who basically is part of the team but will be competing against an undetermined number of QBs including a second round pick who may be the long term answer. And that's the simplified version.

One of the more reported tidbits from the 49ers players-only practices was that Colin Kaepernick has a cannon of arm. Reports indicated he knocked Lance Long off his feet with a pass. It remains to be seen what kind of touch and accuracy he'll have in the NFL, but it's good to know he's got a rifle for an arm. Of course, Nate Davis had a cannon as well and he faces a questionable NFL future.

Training camp could be starting up in the next three or four weeks and Jim Harbaugh has said it will be a wide open competition with the best man winning the job. I'm sure some people believe that while others rolled their eyes when they heard those comments. Right now the contestants would be Alex Smith, David Carr and Colin Kaepernick, with some folks thinking a guy like Louisville's Adam Froman could enter the mix.

Whatever the case, I'd like to use this poll to establish a base line as we move into training camp. I'm asking you who you think WILL be the starting quarterback for the 49ers week one game versus Seattle. I'm not asking who you think should be starting the game, but simply who you think will be starting the game (whether you agree with the decision or not). If you think the team will bring in a free agent (rookie or veteran) or will make a trade for a QB, feel free to specify who that would be in the comments. Depending on how the training camp competition goes we'll have at least one or two more of these polls to see how opinions change (or stay the same) in August.