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NFL Beer Commercials: Leon Can't Cook Without That Dough, Baby

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Given the relative lack of any real developments in the labor talks, we're going off topic for the morning. During yesterday's Badness tournament post we had some comments about Joe Buck. Generally speaking I'm not a Joe Buck fan. However, I will admit that he has put together fairly amusing commercials during his career. One of my favorites of his was the set he did in the Budweiser "Leon" series.

For those that don't remember the series of commercials, it centered on a fictional football player named Leon who was an embellishment of the stereotype of arrogant athletes. He referred to himself in the third person and had some classic catch phrases like "Leon can't cook without that dough" (in reference to needing to get paid). If I had to make a comparison he was probably meant to be a cross between Rickey Henderson and Michael Irvin. He really couldn't get much more over the top, which made for an amazing series of commercials.

I did a search through YouTube to find some of the old commercials and have embedded some of them after the jump. I found ten commercials, including three in which he crossed over into baseball as a two-sport star. If you search Leon commercial budweiser you can find plenty of them. For now, here are four of my favorites. Feel free to use this as an open thread for some of your favorite football-related commercials.

Leon needs some Leon time to sort some things out. A nice cup of herbal tea might make him feel better.


The commercial that I first looked for in the Joe Buck thread. Leon loves his left side.


Leon can do more for the team on the sideline. There's nothing as powerful and emotional as watching a great athlete suffering

Leon needs to play baseball because $20 million doesn't go as far as it used to


Leon can't cook without that dough....Nah, go head money this gonna take a minute


There's no I in team. Yea, well there ain't no we either.