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Golden Nuggets: Please Get It Done

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Good morning everybody, Ninjames here. I'm in a bit of a hurry and the links today are going to be just that: links. No commentary and all of that other stuff you obviously love. I'm not sure what links we have today, but I imagine there are uh .... well actually I imagine nothing. Might not even be anything new. Let's find out together, enjoy.

49ers aim to make defender Bruce Miller a fullback (

Best talent doesn't make 49ers best in the west (

Free-agent DE McDonald hopes to find his sacks in San Francisco (

What to do with Nate Clements? (

NFL negotiators hope for a deal done in nine days (

49ers free agents: Who stays? Who goes? (

Normally I wouldn't agree with much Deion Sanders says (

Colin Kaepernick cleared (

Jim Harbaugh's toughest job this season (

49ers wideouts: They give as well as receive (

NFL lockout puts undrafted players in tight spot (

Harbaugh Visits 49ers Youth Campers (

Retired Police Chief Scores At 49ers Stadium (

Montana to Present Hotel Deal To Santa Clara (

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