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Golden Nuggets: Lost In Xbox

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. Just got through playing some Xbox and realized - oh hey - I've gotta get the Nuggets done. So no real, tangible sleep-deprivation themed excuses today, I've got to go with quick links again due to my own irresponsibility. I'm pretty OK with it as it happens, you guys will survive. We had a lot of links yesterday, not sure what we've got going on today, so we'll find out together. Enjoy.

Uncertainty abounds on 49ers defense (

John Madden on Jim Harbaugh (

Is Roger Goodell merely a puppet for the owners? (

Could Kolb tilt the balance of power in the NFC West? (

Big decisions lie ahead in NFC West that's up for grabs (

Why there is hope for Michael Crabtree (

Alex Smith and Baas, which offensive free agents will return? (

49ers offense absorbs system basics during lockout (

Ray McDonald hopes to be chasing sacks with 49ers? (

Montana's Project Intrigues Santa Clara (

49ers Youth Camp Finishes Strong (

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Being a Sheep

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