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NN NFL Tournament of Badness: Under .500 Teams in the Playoffs and Too Many Commercials

We've got an upset that's not really an upset on our hands, as "Divas" looks to be taking "The Brady Six" out of the race. I said before that I think I underrated "Divas," and it's proving as such. That being said, there's more important Tom Brady-related entrants in the bracket still remaining, so we're not "losing" anything here. Up today, we've got the new, but still bad, "Under .500 Teams Making The Playoffs" up against the number two-seeded "Score, Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial."

So make the jump to read the descriptions of the participants for today, read full results from the opening round of the bracket, view the entire bracket. But first: remember, we are voting on what we believe to be the absolute worst thing of the two. If you're voting in a worst food contest, and you like pizza more than hamburgers, you would then vote for hamburgers in that matchup. Get it? Got it? Good. Make the jump.

(7) Under .500 Teams Making The Playoffs

Sure, it's not like this is a huge problem that happens all the time, and in fact, has only happened the one time, but it is something that reflects a problem one way or the other. For one, it's absolutely pathetic that a losing team makes the playoffs. For two, it's even more pathetic that said team hosts a playoff game. I don't think the answer is disallowing division winners with losing records from the playoffs, but some kind of re-seeding really should be in order. At the very least, how about a self deprecating laugh at ourselves for being in this crappy division, and the Seattle Seahawks for somehow winning it by total accident. Seriously, was anybody trying to win this thing last season? No? Didn't think so.

(2) Score, Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial

For one, there are far too many commercials during football broadcasts. Rather, there's far too much advertising, which is leading to less cheerleaders and things of that nature, but as to something actually important, the whole score, commercial, kickoff, commercial thing is so annoying. It actually really takes me out of the game. Sometime the game will fade to commercial immediately after a touchdown before there's time for a replay, and then it'll come back finally and we'll get a kickoff. Then another commercial. It's infuriating, and takes me personally out of the experience. I'm sure it does for some of you as well.

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Day 42: Tanking The Season To Draft Andrew Luck def. Less Cheerleaders - 190-113
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Day 35: Prevent Defense def. Twitter Beefs - 198-76
Day 34: New Referee Rule Limiting No Huddle def. Seahawks Alternates - 187-161
Day 33: Cowyboys Being Referred To As "America's Team" def. Rookie Holdouts - 340-112

NN NFL Tournament of Badness Bracket and Results