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HBO Real Sports Focuses On Harbaugh Brothers

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This Tuesday at 7:00pm, HBO's Real Sports will be back with a new episode that features a look at Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh who are the first set of brothers to be NFL head coaches at the same time. It is of course all the more interesting given the fact that they'll be squaring off on Thanksgiving when the 49ers travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens.

The build-up to that game will be fairly ridiculous given the unique nature of the game. I've posted a preview video (h/t to @49erspr) after the jump and you can see how far this hype could go. HBO decided to go for subtlety when they covered the brothers family vacation to the Gettysburg battlefield (/sarcasm). The video I posted was creating issues asking for a password so just head over to to see the video.

Although the build-up to the game would be boosted if both teams are playing well, there is plenty of available brotherly hype even if one or both teams is struggling. That week of Thanksgiving should be an interesting few days.