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2011 NFL Lockout News: Rookie Wage Scale Figured Out?

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ESPN is reporting the NFL's owners and players have come to a tentative agreement in principle on the substance of a rookie wage scale. This is only one aspect of the CBA but if this news holds up it is a significant step forward. Previous news had this being one of the remaining sticking points, so agreement here could be the impetus for a final deal. Albert Breer was quick to tweet that there are still some minor details on the rookie deal but it was hard to see it not working out.

The previous sticking point had been the issue of the fifth year of the contract. The two sides seemed to be working towards a four year rookie contract with a team option for the fifth year. The holdup was over the kind of salaries involved in that fifth year. Previously, owners wanted the option year to be a fixed salary of approximately $4 million. The players wanted a top 10 salary at the position for the top 16 picks and proposed a top 15 salary for picks 17 through 32.

There was some news earlier today that indicated the owners had made a significant concession on the scale, so this would seem to be what has gotten this more positive news out now. I'm curious to see if somebody is quick to throw cold water on the latest round of optimism. PFT predicted it would be Chris Mortensen (mostly just a joke), but Mort was part of this latest report. I'll go with Mike Silver since he seems to enjoy playing the wet blanket role.