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NN NFL Tournament of Badness: Brett Favre's Media Whoring and Garth DeFelice

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a battle of titans on our hands. Not the under-achieving, somewhat dysfunctional Tennessee Titans, I mean two titans of this tournament of badness. While yesterday featured a number two and number three seed in "Prevent Defense" and "Player 'X' Is A Football Player", I don't feel like they're enough to make somebody truly passionate about the sheer awfulness at play here. Today, we've got a number one seed and a number four seed hell-bent on assaulting our sanity and intelligence. "Brett Favre's Media Whoring" is up against the juggernaut four-seed "Garth DeFelice". Oh yes.

So make the jump to read the descriptions of the participants for today, read full results from the opening round of the bracket, view the entire bracket. But first: remember, we are voting on what we believe to be the absolute worst thing of the two. If you're voting in a worst food contest, and you like pizza more than hamburgers, you would then vote for hamburgers in that matchup. Get it? Got it? Good. Make the jump.

(1) Brett Favre's Media Whoring

The man has retired and un-retired like no other. Brett Favre loves himself more than Terrell Owens loves ... Terrell Owens. The only good thing that came of all of Favre's shenanigans is the horn sound they played on the NFL Network when they would flash their Favre-watch logo. Favre is just ... the most annoying guy on the planet, easily. And he knows it. He's indecisive, and he feels the need to drag out decisions to skip training camp when, you know, he can just skip it after making the decision because he's Brett mother [site decorum] Favre. We don't need to know that Favre is thinking about coming back, we don't need to know if he's throwing passes to high schoolers, we don't need ten hours of watching his black SUV and we certainly don't need all these updates about his ... purple helmet. Alright? Good.

(4) Garth DeFelice

Do you know who this is? Of course you do: DeFelice is the referee that probably wishes he could be a football player, but he can't, so he freaks out on football players and feels as though he needs to assert his own physicality and hot-headedness on said players because he has some form of inferiority complex. No seriously, it's a definite inferiority complex. He was the guy who ejected Justin Smith for something that any other referee would have just given a warning for. Worse than the ejection was how he was yelling and getting up in Smith's face like he had something to prove. Like he just wanted to assert some form of idiotic dominance. He also had a moment where he leveled a St. Louis Rams player, and while that is great for us, because the Rams suck, we do have to acknowledge how stupid it was. He saw the player coming and could have adjusted accordingly (seeing as that's how every referee in every sport does it), with plenty of time to do so, but instead he wanted to "prove" something by leveling the guy. Honestly? This guy is a [site decorum]. No other way to put it.

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Day 38: Garth DeFelice def. Daniel Snyder - 181-67
Day 37: Brett Favre's Media Whoring def. Fans That Take It Too Far - 201-90
Day 36: Player 'X' Is A Football Player def. Chris Berman's Mannerisms- 128-60
Day 35: Prevent Defense def. Twitter Beefs - 198-76
Day 34: New Referee Rule Limiting No Huddle def. Seahawks Alternates - 187-161
Day 33: Cowyboys Being Referred To As "America's Team" def. Rookie Holdouts - 340-112

NN NFL Tournament of Badness Bracket and Results