Should the 49ers Entertain the Idea of Bringing Troy Smith Back?


Fooch's Note: This is a topic that hasn't really been addressed so definitely worth moving to the front page.

There has been a lot of debate around here as just what to do with the 3rd quarterback spot.

Some have said bring back David Carr due to an adverse contractual and financial implication. Others have mentioned bringing in an unrestricted free agent to groom and pimp out to another team because of Harbaugh's reputation of being a QB groomer.

However, not many folks have mentioned, or entertained the idea of bringing Troy Smith back to compete with Carr for that 3rd spot. He was afterall the starter for a couple of games last year and didn't do too shabby.

I am not a big advocate about talking about 3rd string quarterbacks often but with not much going on with the lockout still being in place, it's an interesting enough topic.

In the six games that Smith saw action in, he put up solid enough numbers to at least get some consideration for a third string spot.

Here is the breakdown in his numbers in the games he played in:

October 31st, 2010 (Denver) - Rating 115.2 | Completions 12/19 | Yards 196 | Touchdowns 1 | Interceptions 0

November 14th, 2010 (St. Louis) - Rating 116.7 | Completions 17/28 | Yards 356 | Touchdowns 1 | Interceptions 0

November 21st, 2010 (Tampa Bay) - Rating 51.5 | Completions 16/31 | Yards 148 | Touchdowns 0 | Interceptions 1

November 29th, 2010 (Arizona) - Rating 61.7 | Completions 11/23 | Yards 129 | Touchdowns 1 | Interceptions 1

December 5th, 2010 (Green Bay) - Rating 64.4 | Completions 10/25 | Yards 194 | Touchdowns 1 | Interceptions 1

December 26th, 2010 (St. Louis) - Rating 62.0 | Completions 7/19 | Yards 153 | Touchdowns 1 | Interceptions 1

I understand these numbers above are not eye-popping but understand that this is a discussion in regards to the 3rd stringer. A guy who is the wildcard in your back pocket used only in case of emergency situations where both your first and second string guys are out and cannot go. You don't see it happen often but it does happen (See: Chicago Bears in the Championship Game 2011).

I understand that there are several options moving forward.

There's the possibility that the Niners bring in a vet and we wind up with that vet, Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick as the quarterbacks.

There's a scenario where the 49ers could bring in an undrafted free agent and that guy pushes Carr out.

There are several possibilities... but ...there has to be some consideration for Smith. He did not play that horrible last year to not consider him over Carr or an UDFA and at times actually looked quite capable of getting it done. Under the right direction and coaching staff he could be a decent guy to have on the bench.

One thing I do know, is as bad as the quarterback situation has been, there are not many fans that really care to bring Carr back for a second season.

I will add a poll below to see how many of you would feel about letting Troy Smith, the former Heisman winner at Ohio State in 2006, have a shot at the 3rd roster spot. I also understand that some other teams may like him as their number two in what he showcased last season.

It will be fun to watch how things unfold for him none the less.

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