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Golden Nuggets: Jim Harbaugh Doesn't Fool Around

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Morning folks, sorry for the delay, but at the very least we're back up to full iterations of the Golden Nuggets. I've found some time and taken care of some important things, so here we are. I don't think there's that many good links today, but I have some commentary on some of the stuff from the last day or so. I also have gotten back into the swing of providing daily pieces over at SB Nation Bay Area, so be sure to check those out. Aside from that, there is a note about Harbaugh and a little girl that's ... pretty awesome. Anyway, on to the linkage, chilllldren!

Seeing as how we're getting closer to what might just be the end of the lockout, it's worth taking a look at the 2011 NFL Draft haul and what can be expected of them early. The 49ers don't have any immediate starters, but there are some solid guys who should be able to contribute early. (SB Nation Bay Area)

I don't know if I agree with this prediction of offensive/defensive starters, but it's not a bad one. Only being able to keep Dashon Goldson while losing both Manny Lawson and Aubrayo Franklin seems like it would hurt the team a lot. I'm also not convinced that Ray McDonald is ready to be a starter, nor that Aldon Smith or Parys Haralson can play the left side, I think it's more likely that Haralson and someone like Ahmad Brooks would start. Aldon Smith should find himself on the right side no matter what. (

Jim Harbaugh beaned a little girl with a fastball. What a hardass. (

How close do you think Alex Smith and the 49ers are in regards to contract talks? I'd imagine they're pretty close, we just have to hope that it's going to be a good situation. These things don't always end well. Just ask Brandon Marshall. (SB Nation Bay Area)

The Harbaugh brothers still get help from their father. That's an awesome thing to note, that he still watches film and sends along analysis. I wonder if they pay him? (

Brian Jennings is one of my favorite players in any sport. The guy is awesome, and I'm glad to see he's excited to play with our new special teams coach. (

Frank Gore is expecting bigger and better things this year. I agree with him with the thought that Harbaugh and Greg Roman's offense will force defenses to respect the pass and it won't be this predictable Mike Singletary-esque rushing attack. (SFGate.com_

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