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Golden Nuggets: Lockout Maybe Probably Ending Possibly

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So if I'm understanding all this news regarding the NFL lockout, we should be anticipating something big on Wednesday. Or was it Thursday? I can't really remember, but I'm going to stop reading on it and wait for someone to tell me that the 49ers signed somebody. That will be a grand day, in which many of us freak out about said player being our future. I know I will. Anyway, be sure to be checking out the Tournament of Badness as we near its last leg, and also, enjoy the linkage today, though I'm not sure how many we've got.

Maiocco is chatting with some other NFC West writers, and first up is the guys covering the Arizona Cardinals. I don't have time to read this right now but these are usually good. (

Seems like an interesting story regarding an ex-49er: Mark Washington (

I have no idea what this is but it says it's a grab bag or something. (

Randy Cross and Charles Haley made it into the college hall of fame, which I think is pretty awesome. Cross is a great dude and was a great player. Haley is, well, he's Haley. Anything else you need there? (

Kendall Hunter could be taking some snaps from Frank Gore, and I expect him to see the field a lot. Gore talks about the competition a little bit. (

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