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A New CBA And Krazy Salary Cap Room

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As the NFL Lockout seems to be getting closer and closer to wrapping up, the new CBA will provide a salary cap of approximately $120 million. More importantly for the players is the requirement of a significant spending percentage of that cap room. Although the players are losing a percentage of shared revenue, the boost in minimum spending is an essential offset.

For those wondering, I did in fact purposely choose the capital K in Krazy because we could be looking at some teams they will need to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to meet the new salary floor. While watching Sportscenter, either John Clayton or Adam Schefter (not sure which one) broke down the teams well over the cap and teams well under the cap. The Dallas Cowboys are something like $18 million over the cap and the Oakland Raiders are around $10 million over the cap.

On the other end, the Cincinnati Bengals are $35 million under the cap and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be somewhere on the order of $59 million under the cap. Those kind of numbers are just insane. Even though a team like the Bengals has often had no problem spending close to the salary floor, they'll find themselves needing to spend a whole lot of money to get back up, particularly depending on what happens with Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a position where they could seriously affect opposing teams free agent plans. Our 49ers could find themselves in the market for a big name cornerback. Will a team like Tampa Bay or Cincinnati be more inclined to overpay given the space? Or do they try and save some money to spend on extending their young players? For the Bucs, if Josh Freeman starts to build on his 2010 breakthrough, maybe front load a contract extension to get closer to that spending floor?

How do folks see this impacting free agency for the 49ers and really the entire league?