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Alex Smith Chats About Camp Alex And Changing From Digits To Words

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The second iteration of the Camp Alex 49ers players-only minicamp came to an end yesterday as the 49ers wrapped up four more days of class room and field work. Following the final practice of this second minicamp, Alex Smith spoke with the media for upwards of half an hour. Tim Kawakami transcribed the interview for the Mercury News so check it out when you get a chance. Following the thirty minute group interview, Alex sat down with Mindi Bach and Matt Maiocco for a few minutes of follow-up. I've embedded the video after the jump. It doesn't have much in the way of revelations, but it still has some interesting Q&A.

The most interesting portion of the transcribed interview, at least in my opinion, was when Smith discussed the use of words instead of digits to describe plays. For the folks who played football at some point in your life, did you get a chance to try both systems? I realize high school or some kind of college football is not the same as the NFL, but comparing digits versus words would seem to apply in some sense across the board at any level. I never played football so I don't have an answer.

Smith did say that he thought an advantage of the terminology was that players would have a better understanding of an entire play, as opposed to simply knowing only their specific role based on the numbers and letters used in a digit system. I find myself wondering if that's necessarily the best idea given the complexities that exist in just knowing your own role. Does it create potential headaches when people have so much more information in their heads? Or does it create a better more structured and cerebral offense when everybody has a better idea of what the other moving parts are doing?

Alex Smith Interview