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Bruce Miller Makes It To Town For Camp Alex

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One bit of news to come out of this latest "Camp Alex" 49ers minicamp was the arrival of FB/DE/OLB Bruce Miller. Prior to yesterday Miller attended the rookie orientation in Florida. He did not attend the previous minicamp a few weeks ago in part because of concerns over getting hurt. One of the problems with organizing these workouts is the fact that injuries that occur during the workouts are not covered by the NFL because these are technically unsanctioned workouts. Although it'd be nice if every play went out and busted their butt down at San Jose State, I can live with players choosing otherwise because of the unique nature of this situation.

Miller is going to be an interesting player for the 49ers given the many ways in which he could be used. Outside of special teams it remains to be seen how much playing team he can earn during his rookie season. However, his ability to play on defense, coupled with the team's interest in using him on offense gives him additional opportunities to prove he deserves a shot.

Is it possible in this day and age that an NFL player could develop into a consistent two-way player? We see defensive players utilized on some goal line plays, and taller wide receivers have been used to help defend Hail Mary situations. However, there hasn't been a legitimate two-way player in quite some time. Could Miller potentially get in as the fullback and a situational pass rusher at some point, be it his rookie year or in the future?