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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Need All The Preparation They Can Get

I'm having trouble following along on Twitter with what's going on in regards to the NFL lockout. Apparently something big should be happening sometime soon, and I have to say, I'm absolutely stoked for whatever that something happens to be. I know - I'm easily pleased, but any news is probably good news at this point, short of somebody coming out and writing off a 2011 NFL season. That would be catestrophic, not just for the league, but for my psyche. I'd probably go crazy, if we're being honest here. Anyway, on to whatever links I happen to have for you today, enjoy 'em chilllldren!

Mike Iuapti had a great rookie season, and he's poised to do even better in 2011. I feel like Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman's offense could make the guy a Pro Bowler in his second season. We can only hope. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Former 49ers center Forrest Blue has passed. I don't know much about him, but he was a Pro Bowl player and I know that he suffered from a lot of head trauma following his NFL career. (

They'll study his brain and hopefully progress can be made in regards to head trauma and things like dementia. It's an incredibly sad thing to see and it's one of the few truly bad things about this sport that we all love. (

Hopefully the 49ers can get the loan they need to help fund this new stadium. The team deserves a more modern stadium and the fans do as well. It means I won't be able to go to another game for many years, but hey ... I can't be that selfish. (

They're a bit worried about Sam Bradford turning into Alex Smith over at our St. Louis site ... well, not entirely worried, but they examine the numbers and the possibilities. I can only hope that Bradford falls flat and is a terrible quarterback going forward. It's nothing personal. I'm honestly not sure what to expect out of Bradford. (SB Nation St. Louis)

This is the first I've heard of two-a-days being eliminated, which I think is absolutely stupid. These guys are getting paid enough to do two-a-days. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and those players are the one's representing the player's side ... of course they don't want them. And that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Alex Smith, to his credit, doesn't think the team necessarily needs them to survive. (

Smith's thoughts notwithstanding, eliminating them could seriously inhibit this team in regards to being prepared for the 2011 season. (

I couldn't help but laugh at this one ... could Greg Manusky be looking to reunite with Manny Lawson? That would be absolutely hilarious. The defense that we've pegged as one in which Lawson doesn't flourish in could be the defense that he goes to. (

Going to have to disagree with Takeo Spikes when he says that the longevity of players' careers will "dramatically increase" due to the elimination of the two-a-days. They might be a little less banged up here and there, but he's been doing them his whole career and he's had a nice and long one. (

Listing wide receiver as the 49ers second-biggest need in free agency? Yeah, sounds to me like somebody has too much on their plate and isn't paying full attention to every team. (

The 49ers will be utilizing a power rushing attack, but they need someone like Michael Crabtree to come into his own and play like he was a top-ten draft choice. (

Frank Gore is very excited to be playing in Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman's offense - he feels that the power rushing attack under them will be more varied, and therefore, more effective. (

Continuing with his NFC West co-op, Maiocco and friends take a look at the San Francisco 49ers, whoever that is. (

Once lockout is solved, big issues await Raiders, 49ers (

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