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49ers 2011 Salary Cap Situation: Where Are They Really At?

There has been a lot of discussion here about the 49ers 2011 salary cap situation as it relates to the expected $120 million cap, dead money and current salaries. A variety of numbers have been thrown out with one of the more prominent being that the 49ers are somewhere around $112 million when you factor in dead money.

I wanted to use this post to look at the various numbers and try to collectively figure out the 49ers cap situation. Yesterday Matt Maiocco put together a breakdown of the 49ers salaries and dead money based on NFLPA source information. You can check his discussion in the link and I've also posted a rundown of his numbers after the jump. Under MM's numbers, the 49ers total cap figures come in at $102,076,237.

Then I took a look at Niner Cap Hell (NCH), which ran down 49ers salary information and there thoughts on 49ers dead money. Before dead money the first link comes out to $100,197,104.

After taking a look at the two sets of numbers, there were a few discrepancies worth noting. NCH included Chris Patrick while MM's source did not have him. That's $405,000, which was the league minimum. The next discrepancy was in the dead money for Kentwan Balmer. MM's figure is $1,646,750. At the second NCH link above, they believe his 2011 dead money to be $3.022M. Additionally, NCH's dead money page includes $2.1M for Brandon Jones who was cut in 2010.

Based on that bit of number crunching, if you took the max figures from the previous paragraph and added it to MM's $102M figure, we'd now be at $105,956,487m which would leave a shade over $14 million in cap room before the team has resolved Nate Clements contract, signed their rookies, or re-signed any of their free agents. Just a reminder that whether the team renegotiates with Clements or cuts him, the 49ers will save several million dollars on his contract in 2011.

Below is a rundown of the numbers Maiocco posted in a table for your perusal. I'll continue doing some research on the dead money, but if you have issues with some of this information, please let me know. For clarification purposes, the players listed twice are players cut and re-signed. For players with four and five figure numbers, they were players released at a certain point.

 First  Last Salary
 Phillip  Adams  $419,462
 Kentwan  Balmer  $1,646,750
 Mike  Balogun  $2,125
 Alex  Boone  $405,000
 Navorro  Bowman  $580,562
 Tramaine  Brock  $250
 Tramaine  Brock  $405,000
 Ahmad  Brooks  $2,400,000
 Jarrett  Brown  $1,600
 Tarell  Brown  $1,680,750
 Nate  Byham  $431,550
 David  Carr  $2,375,000
 Nate  Clements  $17,366,666
 Colin  Cloherty  $405,000
 Glen  Coffee  $414,122
 Michael  Crabtree  $5,734,000
 Anthony  Davis  $2,354,166
 Nate  Davis  $75,150
 Vernon  Davis  $6,974,666
 Anthony  Dixon  $435,150
 Thaddeus  Gibson  $405,000
 Ted  Ginn  $1,443,750
 Frank  Gore  $7,133,000
 Parys  Haralson  $2,150,000
 Eric  Heitmann  $2,562,500
 Nick  Howell  $330,000
 Mike  Iupati  $1,732,500
 Ricky  Jean-Francois  $490,750
 Brian  Jennings  $1,086,000
 Alex  Joseph  $330,000
 Kevin  Jurovich  $330,000
 Matt  Kopa  $3,000
 Keaton  Kristick  $7,875
 Keaton  Kristick  $405,000
 Andy  Lee  $1,281,666
 Lance  Long  $405,000
 Scott  Long  $2,300
 Chris  Maragos  $2,500
 Chris  Maragos  $405,000
 Taylor  Mays  $782,000
 Scott  McKillop  $528,062
 Josh  Morgan  $581,500
 Joe  Nedney  $1,870,000
 Moran  Norris  $1,927,500
 Xavier  Omon  $480,000
 Jared  Perry  $2,600
 Chilo  Rachal  $1,091,000
 Michael  Robinson  $480,000
 Fabrizio  Scaccia  $330,000
 Justin  Smith  $5,500,000
 Reggie  Smith  $751,000
 Adam  Snyder  $2,100,000
 Isaac  Sopoaga  $4,955,000
 Shawntae  Spencer  $3,200,000
 Joe  Staley  $2,159,750
 Patrick  Stoudamire  $2,500
 Curtis  Taylor  $494,970
 Will  Tukuafu  $405,000
 LeRoy  Vann  $1,250
 Delanie  Walker  $1,610,000
 Cody  Wallace  $122,125
 Kyle  Williams  $424,837
 Patrick  Willis  $7,184,333
 Dominique  Zeigler  $480,000
 TOTAL:  $102,076,237.00