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Caption This: CBA, Here We Come

At the time of this writing, the owners have voted to approve a tentative 10-year deal. Whether this means that players will follow is unclear, but it does have one immediate effect on the Caption This: It makes me half-willing to get back to football. Specifically, it makes me willing to use football photos, as long as they have owners in them.

For you optimists, that means that we're back in business!

For you pessimists, that means that next week's photo is going to be of Al Davis.

You win some, you lose some.

This week, though, it's Jed York, you lucky, lucky dogs. No jowls or skin flaps or exposed pieces of skulls for you; no lipless frightfest gnawing on a scrap of what you don't want to believe is, but know in your heart to be, human flesh. Nope. You're one week too early for that.

Enjoy this one. It's good to be back with football, even if it's still more of a limited commitment than it needs to be. Write the most humorous captions for this photo that you can, and rec' any that make you laugh. The most rec'd commenter will get mentioned in next week's thread. Last week, Mertons_merkin made the big show with an astounding 12 rec's.