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Friday Night Open Thread: Your Non-Lockout Wrap

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It's Friday afternoon here in San Francisco meaning the weekend is upon us. A deal may or may not happen this weekend but I sure can't tell you for certain what will happen and neither can most anybody else. Accordingly, I think it's better for our collective sanity to go out on a non-lockout note. If you feel the need to discuss the lockout we've got plenty of threads for that.

Instead I thought we'd just go out on a fun or at least moderately entertaining note. I'll go with a simple theme, but people can take this thread in other directions, just not the lockout. Favorite sports movie.

For me, I have several movies I really enjoy including Caddyshack, Field of Dreams, Any Given Sunday, Happy Gilmore, The Program, the Rocky movies (minus #5 of course), The Replacements (guilty pleasure that's fitting right about now). That's not a complete list but just the first group that popped into my head. However, if I had to pick my single favorite it would probably be Major League. It may have less meaning than something like Field of Dreams, but for pure entertainment factor it's the movie I can watch over and over again and it never gets old.

Just for the heck of it I thought I'd post some trailers of these movies after the jump. Enjoy.

Major League

The Program


Field of Dreams

Any Given Sunday

Happy Gilmore