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Golden Nuggets: Nothing But A Tease

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Thanks much to Fooch for covering the Golden Nuggets for me yesterday. I went crazy on Twitter and then got sick, and needed some extra sleep (and was out of town a bit). We had a giant tease in regards to the lockout ending, and I'm honestly not sure who I trust. I don't think what the owners did was as underhanded as the players are insisting, but I do think it was a brilliant little piece of PR by the league. We got our hopes up and they dashed them rather expertly in under two hours. It was quite the show. I feel like it was a little less than the level of Harbaughcalypse, mostly because of the absence of Stephen Ross flying across the country and a rogue horse trying to trample his way in. Anyway, enjoy the links, but expect some repeats (and potentially no commentary).

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