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49ers Single Game Tickets Go On Sale - Looking At A Niners Nation Day At Candlestick

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Although the lockout continues on, the San Francisco 49ers officially put single game tickets on sale for all home games. You can buy tickets through Ticketmaster online or over the phone by calling 800-745-3000. Tickets start at $64

On a related note, I do still want to try and get a group together for one of the 49ers home games this year. We ran a poll of the 49ers home games and the top four finishers were:

1. vs. Dallas - Sunday, September 18
2. vs. Pittsburgh - Monday, December 19
3. vs. Seattle - Sunday, September 11
4. vs. Arizona - Sunday, November 20

The Dallas game was a pretty clear winner so I'll look into that game first. I've attached a poll with a basic yes/no question and obviously you won't be held to your answer at this point. If you would be a maybe, click no. I'd like to see how many rock solid yes' there are at this point. And I figure a weekend poll also brings out some of the diehards.

Although there's no guarantee of games played at this point, I'm still planning on making a call to the 49ers early in the coming week to get some basic ideas of pricing and options. Feel free to post any questions in the comments.