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Golden Nuggets: Well That Would Be Nice

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Good morning everyone, and thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets yesterday. I attended the Superbowl Under The Stars event and had a blast. There will be a feature about it in the morning at SB Nation Bay Area, where I've been putting up more 49ers content, so if you don't see a ton from me here, that's why. So be sure to be reading those bits, if you can't find them, just follow me on Twitter, link is at the bottom of the Nuggets. That being said, I hadn't been keeping up with things and I heard something of significance might be going on with the lockout tomorrow. I have to read up on it myself, but hey, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Enjoy the linkage, no commentary today folks.

The Longer We're In A Lockout, The More Valuable Aubrayo Franklin Is To 49ers (SB Nation Bay Area)

The 49ers' Five Sure Things (

Sources: Deal to end lockout reached (

Herzlich says 49ers are on his list of landing spots (

49ers-Saints exhibition opener still on slate (

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The Longer We're In A Lockout, The More Valuable Aubrayo Franklin Is To 49ers

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