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San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Schedule Could Start Thursday Or Friday

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Fooch's Update #2: Player Reps ratified. On to the players themselves starting tomorrow.

Fooch's Update: And just like that we have another update to the schedule. I'm watching the NFL Network and thenew tentative schedule is as follows:

Tomorrow: Team voluntary conditioning

Tomorrow, 10am: Drafted AND undrafted rookies can sign

Thursday: Players can be cut or waived

Friday, 6pm: Free Agency opens

Friday: 30 Training Camps can start (including 49ers)

As the players continue their latest conference call to discuss the hopefully final terms of a new collective bargaining agreement, the new CBA would indicate the 49ers will start their training camp on Thursday. That would be the maximum allowed 16 days before their first exhibition game against the New Orleans Saints. That 16 days is 15 days plus one day for physical examinations.

We've seen a host of scheduling options as related to free agency and trades and the new League Year. Part of that depends on how quickly the players can get a vote done. After the executive committee and player reps vote, there are approximately 1,900 players that need to vote. Once 50% + 1 of those players vote Yea on the CBA, the new league year can get started.

Smileyman put together a rundown of many of the details regarding the pending CBA. It's worth noting that the latest news indicates there will be no opt out clause in this ten year agreement. Barring something extreme over the next ten years, that would mean a decade of labor peace.

For now, as we wait for this deal to get done, Rich Eisen was comparing this to a plane circling over an airport waiting to be told how to land. I thought of a slightly different comparison that takes into account all of our frustrations. Check the video out after the jump