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Niners Nation Day At Candlestick Park Update

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Now that the NFL is officially on the road to recovery, we can start about things like free agency, trades, training camp and the upcoming season. In addition to all those topics, it's time to focus in on planning Niners Nation Day at Candlestick Park. I did a quick look and the Cowboys and Steelers games are both sold out. In looking over the remaining options, I would like to propose November 20 versus the Arizona Cardinals as the date for NN Day At Candlestick. It's the week before Thanksgiving so I'm not sure how many people might be traveling but I'm hoping most people will be traveling after that Sunday.

I spoke with a group sales rep and right now we have a few options. The upper level seats that are normally $64 can be had for $36 in a group setting. The other pricing option is $99 for end zone seats on the lower level. I'd likely go with the $36 seats because $99 is getting pricey for a ticket when we just want to get people out to have a good time.

The next thing would be food. They have a pre-game all-you-can-eat/drink option that is actually quite tasty, but would raise the overall price to $165 per person (ticket plus all you can eat/drink). The other options would be: 1) everybody's on their own for food and drink, or 2) we might be able to add in a concession voucher for $20 (or $30 or whatever). It wouldn't be discounted food, but everybody could buy that in advance. Or you just use your own cash. Either way could work.

For now I've attached a poll just based on the ticket. Don't worry about the food option at this point. Just post yes, no, or maybe for the game. If you're on the fence make sure and go with Maybe. I want to start getting an idea of interest so we can get a block of seats pulled aside.