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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Free Agent Bonanza, Ian Williams Is A Good Signing

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We've reached the end of the lockout! We can finally rejoice and celebrate, and all can be merry! I don't know what else I can say that hasn't already been said. The players and owners finally reached an agreement that both sides can be happy with, and this time nobody is lying to us when they say that. We've got our 49ers offseason stream going over at SB Nation Bay Area, so go ahead and follow that while I try and make heads or tails of what's going on right now. I'm actually without sleep going into yesterday so this is all a huge blur to me, but I'm loving it either way. Let's get these rookies signed and maybe bring in some free agents. You know, nothing big ... Nnamdi Asomugha would be nice. Just a small splash. Enjoy the links.

Players like Dashon Goldson and David Baas will be the 49ers' top priority in free agency, assuming that Alex Smith already has a deal set in stone. There's some big names I'd really like the team to be able to retain, I can only hope we get some of them. (SB Nation Bay Area)

As noted, Alex Smith's deal seems to be "set in stone." He wishes to return and the 49ers have probably already thrown him some numbers. Ray McDonald would also love to return, but he's going to test his value in free agency. What we do with Aubrayo Franklin will determine McDonald's fate. (

Here's a calendar released by the league if you've yet to see it. Friday is the day I'm looking at. (

Maiocco has the latest updates on undrafted free agents that have reportedly agreed to terms with San Francisco. I specifically like Chase Beeler and Ian Williams. (

Steve Young floated the possibility that the 49ers could be interested in Matt Hasselbeck and that he could help out there. I sincerely hope this is not the case because I don't see him having anything left in the tank whatsoever. (SB Nation Seattle)

Maiocco takes a look at what Hasselbeck could possibly add to the team. Forgive me if I think the tangible list is actually a small one. I don't see much there. (

Jim Harbaugh met with the press and had a conference yesterday to talk about things, but didn't really get into some of the real, key issues because that would have been giving away the strategy. Still, I like watching the guy talk and think he has a ... colorful personality. (

I wrote a feature over at SBNBA about my time at the 49ers' Super Bowl Under The Stars event, where I had something awesome happen at halftime. So you should check that out. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Creeper alert: Jim Harbaugh is looking forward to smelling players' breath. Five more minutes and the guy would have been talking about wearing Alex Smith's skin. Jeeze. (

What could Kevin Kolb coming to the NFC West mean? Well, for the 49ers, it means they get to beat up on a terrible quarterback. Cue Bleeding Green Nation's eigth raid on Niners Nation. (

49ers Catch a Radio Extension (

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