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Top 2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signings By Position

Last night the Twitter and social networking world was rocked by a continuous stream of free agent signing. No, Nnamdi Asomugha didn't sign with San Francisco. Instead, there was hundreds of undrafted rookie free agents who paired up with teams.

Most of them will not make it out of camp, however, there will be a great deal that aren't only going to make their NFL dream come true, but contribute a great deal. 

After the jump I will get into detail in regards to some of the most prominent undrafted free agent signings. 

As in the past I have decided to use CBS Sports Line rankings as a guide to see where players stand. That site is extremely solid and in depth in terms of what they do. You can bang it here for more on the rankings

QB- Pat Devlin CBS Sports Line Rank: 185 Team: Miami Dolphins

QB- Adam Froman CBS Sports Line Rank: 221 Team: Atlanta Falcons

QB- Taylor Potts CBS Sports Line Rank: 255 Team: St. Louis Rams

QB- Josh Portis CBS Sports Line Rank: 269 Team: Seattle Seahawks 

QB- Scott Tolzien CBS Sports Line Rank: 280 Team: Seattle Seahawks

QB- Adam Weber CBS Sports Line Rank: 301 Team: Denver Broncos

Quick Take: This was a weak draft class when it came to quarterbacks in the first place, so the undrafted class isn't going to be that good either. You have had the likes of Kurt Warner, Tony Romo and Jeff Garcia be among this list in the past, I don't think there are any of them out there this season. I do think that Pat Devlin and Adam Froman could be quality backups in the NFL, but probably nothing more. 


RB- Derrick Locke CBS Sports Line Rank: 209 Team: Minnesota Vikings

RB- Noel Devine CBS Sports Line Rank: 268 Team: Philadelphia Eagles

RB- Mario Fannin CBS Sports Line Rank: 284 Team: Denver Broncos

RB- Chad Spann CBS Sports Line Rank: 320 Team:  Indianapolis Colts 

RB- Brandon Saine CBS Sports Line Rank: 331 Team: Green Bay Packers

Quick Take: Now, this group really does intrigue me. Teams are able to find gems at the RB position either late in the draft or as free agents and I think a couple did here. I really like Derrick Locke and Brandon Saine, I think both are going to be impact players in the NFL. Saine will work extremely well in Green Bay's backfield, which doesn't have a whole lot of talent right now; he should make the team without a problem. 

Derrick Locke is going to find it harder with Minnesota, but I think he is going to show what he has during training camp. He should fit incredibly well with Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart


FB- Henry Hynoski CBS Sports Line Rank: 237 Team: New York Giants

FB- Preston Dial  CBS Sports Line Rank: 313 Team: Detroit Lions

FB- Robert Hughes CBS Sports Line Rank: 325 Team:  Chicago Bears 

Quick Take: Hynoski is that physical type of fullback that the Giants like to have. He should have been the second player at this position off the board behind Owen Marecic, but for some reason fell of the maps. I really like that addition and he will help in the blocking aspect of the game.

Also, don't sleep on Robert Hughes, if he bulks up some more he will be a solid FB in the NFL. I have always liked his versatility while at Notre Dame and that could bode well for his chances with Chicago. 


TE- Andre Smith CBS Sports Line Rank: 187 Team: Chicago Bears

TE- Weslye Saunders CBS Sports Line Rank: 287 Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Quick Take: Andre Smith has the build to be a TE in the NFL, but he doesn't have the most smooth of hands. That will be an issue in Chicago because of Jay Cutler's arm. However, I can see him transitioning well and working with the coaching staff to get a long look during training camp. 


WR- Terrance Tolliver  CBS Sports Line Rank:171 Team:  Houston Texans 

WR- Dane Sanzenbacher CBS Sports Line Rank: 181 Team: Chicago Bears 

WR- Darvin Adams CBS Sports Line Rank: 210 Team: Carolina Panthers

WR- Ricardo Lockette CBS Sports Line Rank: 213 Team: Seattle Seahawks

WR- Jeff Maehl CBS Sports Line Rank: 219 Team: Houston Texans

WR- Andre Holmes CBS Sports Line Rank: 233 Team: Minnesota Vikings

WR- Armon Binns CBS Sports Line Rank: 251 Team: Jacksonville Jaguars 

Quick Take: Now, we get to the elite of the field; if there is one. I could see every single player on this list make their respective rosters. Tolliver is a solid threat in the slot and shouldn't have an issue making Houston's opening day roster. He showed great ability and poise at Louisiana State.

Sanzenbacher isn't the fastest or strongest wide receiver of the group, but he just gets it done. Chicago needs that reliable "possession" receiver and he could be that moving forward. Carolina did a decent job in drafting wide receivers last season and the addition of Adams only adds to that. Additionally, he will be reunited with fellow Auburn star Cameron Newton. 


OT- Derek Hall CBS Sports Line Rank: 220 Team: San Francisco 49ers

OT- David Mims CBS Sports Line Rank: 231 Team: Kansas City Chiefs

OT- D.J. Young CBS Sports Line Rank: 245 Team: Arizona Cardinals

Quick Take: There isn't a solid reason as to why Derek Hall wasn't drafted in April. He was an extremely solid offensive tackle for the Stanford Cardinal over the last couple of seasons. The 49ers have a lot of young players a long the offensive line, so it may be hard for him to crack the 53 man roster. That said, I could envision a scenario like what we saw with Alex Boone a couple seasons ago, where Hall sits on the practice squad.

I have been a huge fan of D.J. Young since seeing him dominate Big 10 opponents a couple times during his tenure with Michigan State. He will be an absolute find for the Arizona Cardinals, who need to upgrade at an incredibly weak tackle position. 


G- Zach Hurd CBS Sports Line Rank: 156 Team: Seattle Seahawks 

G- Ray Dominguez CBS Sports Line Rank: 246 Team: Green Bay Packers 

G- Justin Boren CBS Sports Line Rank: 321 Team: Baltimore Ravens

Quick Take: Guards are not usually drafted early in the draft, so you are going to find talent later or within the free agent list; this is what happened in 2011. All of the players listed above don't only have a strong possibility to make their rosters. They could all end up being starters in the NFL moving forward. 

Zach Hurd was nothing less than solid over his career with Connecticut and translates well to the NFL, it doesn't hurt that Seattle is in desperate need of guards either. 


C- Zane Taylor  CBS Sports Line Rank: 188 Team:  New York Jets 

C- Tim Barnes CBS Sports Line Rank: 212 Team: Baltimore Ravens

C- Kristofer O'Dowd CBS Sports Line Rank: 224 Team: Arizona Cardinals 

C- Jake Kirkpatrick CBS Sports Line Rank: 234 Team: Indianapolis Colts

C- Alex Linnenkohl CBS Sports Line Rank: 257 Team: Chicago Bears

Quick Take: Not even mentioned on this list is Chase Beeler, who may end up being the best of the group; he went to San Francisco. Every single player here is solid enough to be a starting center in the NFL. I like O'Dowd and Kirkpatrick the best. They both played in NFL style offenses and were the anchors of their respective lines. It is extremely hard to scout centers and that is why some of the best go undrafted. Look for this group to impress moving forward. 


DT- Ian Williams CBS Sports Line Rank: 118 Team: San Francisco 49ers

DT- Martin Parker CBS Sports Line Rank: 195 Team:  New York Giants 

DT- Sealver Siliga CBS Sports Line Rank: 258 Team: San Francisco 49ers

Quick Take: San Francisco picking up both Ian Williams and Sealver Siliga really does lessen the pain of them reaching for two offensive linemen in the draft. Williams is going to be part of their rotation in 2011 and translates well to be a future starting NT in the NFL. That was an absolute steal.

I also like Martin Parker a great deal, and the Giants did well in adding to their already deep DT rotation. It may not have made perfect sense for Parker to pick New York, but he should impress in camp.


DE- Pierre Allen CBS Sports Line Rank: 116 Team: Seattle Seahawks

DE- Brandon Bair CBS Sports Line Rank: 167 Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Quick Take: Here a couple of players that would have been solid pickups in the mid rounds. Both have extremely strong work ethic and have a knack for getting to the QB. Allen is the highest ranked undrafted free agent according to CBS Sports Line. While, I dispute that distinction it means that he was a solid pickup for Seattle. 

OLB- Adrian Moten CBS Sports Line Rank: 190 Team:  Indianapolis Colts 

OLB- Mark Herzlich CBS Sports Line Rank: 217 Team: New York Giants 

Quick Take: I was hoping that Herzlich picked the 49ers, but he didn't. I think that he has a real good chance of making the Giants roster. It all depends on how his quickness is moving forward after a bout with cancer. That said, it is a story worth watching because he has tremendous upside. 


LB- Mario Harvey CBS Sports Line Rank: 202 Team: Buffalo Bills

Quick Take: Mario Harvey is my second favorite undrafted player behind Ian Williams. He is in the mold of Jamie Winborn. Undersized, but someone that just makes play after play. He has good recognition of the field and gets to the ball carrier. Buffalo got a real steal in him. 


CB- Kendric Burney CBS Sports Line Rank: 224 Team: Carolina Panthers

CB- Devon Torrence CBS Sports Line Rank: 279 Team: Minnesota Vikings

Quick Take: There are other players that could be on this list including Darrin Walls. But, I am a huge fan of both Burney and Torrence. Burney has the athletic ability and talent to be a starting corner in the league, he was a great pickup for the Panthers; who need help at corner. 


FS- Deunta Williams CBS Sports Line Rank: 145  Team: Injured will sit out 2011 

FS- Jerrard Tarrant CBS Sports Line Rank: 164 Team: Not signed yet

Quick Take: Now we know why Williams fell out of the middle rounds, he is injured and will miss the 2011 season. Too bad for him, but expect to hear from Williams in the future. Tarrant hasn't signed with anyone either, he is a ball hawk who needs help in terms of coverage. 


SS- Jeron Johnson CBS Sports Line Rank:158 Team: Seattle Seahawks

SS- Joe Lefeged CBS Sports Line Rank: 198 Team: Indianapolis Colts

Quick Take: Both of these players should have gone before the 6th round and both went to teams in desperate need of help at the SS position. I believe that Johnson can be a starting caliber player in the NFL, so that was a solid pickup for the Hawks. 


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