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Jim Harbaugh Sells Tickets: 49ers Tops On Day One

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In an interesting bit of information, Darren Rovell revealed that the San Francisco 49ers were the top team in tickets purchased on Stubhub following the NFL Lockout on Monday. While we all know Camp Alex got people pumped up, Rovell indicated that part of the reason for the big sales was the fact that Cowboys and Giants fans are able to book their trips out to San Francisco.

When I looked at for info about group tickets (looking at 11/20 vs. Cardinals), they said the Cowboys and Steelers games were both sold out. Accordingly folks are ready to jump on StubHub to get their tickets so you're definitely going to want to get looking at tickets soon.

Speaking of tickets, I'm not sure if folks noticed this but at the top of the page you can see different tabs (FanPosts, FanShots, Archives, etc) and there is now a new tab called Tickets. If you click on that, you can check out a new partnership SB Nation has launched with TiqIQ. It will take you to a 49ers ticket page that has a sort of feel to it. For those who've never used Kayak, it is a website where you can buy tickets but it provides pricing from the various major ticket hubs (Priceline, Expedia, etc).

When you go to the new Ticket page you'll see a rundown of upcoming 49ers home and road games. If your game isn't listed, you can click on the box that says "View Events From" to change the date. Once you see the game you want, you can click on "See more tickets" and it will take you to a page for the game to view a variety of ticket buying options.

If you don't have season tickets and end up wanting to try and get to a game, this is just one more option to consider for tickets. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how the Harbaugh effect impacts ticket sales moving forward. The 49ers have avoided blackouts but the stadium has had its share of empty seats for some games. Maybe Captain Comeback can change that.