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NFL Rookie Salary Wage Scale: Updated 49ers Pool Numbers

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Fooch's Note: Thanks to AzNiner linking to MM's post with a breakdown of the guidelines for what each rookie can expect to receive in their rookie contract.

Mike Sando has posted some updated information about the rookie pool numbers courtesy of John Clayton (h/t manraj for the link). As it stands, the 49ers are alloted $6,935,903 to cover their ten draft picks in 2011, and $38.1 million for the life of those contracts. Both numbers are the most in the NFC West.

Although the 49ers have yet to announce any draft pick contracts, the new rookie wage scale allows us to figure out some numbers fairly quickly. As it currently stands, the maximum final 2011 salary allotment for Aldon Smith would be $2.6 million. He would receive a maximum of $14.384 milion over four years. Rookie contracts include a fifth year club option that would need to be exercised after the third season. The fifth year option salary for Smith would be the average of the top ten players at his position.

The max allotment for Colin Kaepernick's rookie deal would be $931,691 this year and $5.1 million for the life of the deal. The 49ers could pay him as little as $583,573 his first season, which does give both sides some negotiating room. If Kaepernick and Smith get the max allowed, the 49ers would then have just over $3.4 million for their remaining eight picks.

For the remainder of the 49ers rookie picks after Smith and Kaepernick, the new CBA includes a "Proven Performance Escalator." This clause applies to rounds three through seven and can boost the fourth year of the rookie deal based on 35% playing time in two of the first three seasons or an average of 35% over three years. The escalator increases the fourth year salary to the right-of-first-refusal amount. In 2011 that number was $1.2 million but will rise the salary cap.