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49ers Free Agents: Takeo Spikes Out The Door, Dashon Goldson Next?

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After a flurry of action Monday night, undrafted free agent news slowed down today but 49ers news has picked up this afternoon. While many people figured Aubrayo Franklin might be the first 49er free agent out the door, the evening saw a surprising swerve as Takeo Spikes agreed to terms on a reported three-year deal with the San Diego Chargers.

A few minutes ago that was followed up by an Adam Schefter tweet that the Oakland Raiders are battling the 49ers over safety Dashon Goldson. The parties are only in the negotiation stage, but one would imagine Goldson could make up his mind as early as tomorrow. If he leaves, the 49ers could find themselves facing some fairly significant defensive turnover in 2011.

In LaCanfora's tweet about Spikes he mentioned that the 49ers were likely to lose Aubrayo Franklin and Nate Clements as well. Although Franklin is talented, the 49ers could face a bidding war for his services. Of course, if they can't come to terms with Nate Clements on a new contract, that would open up a whole mess of money. They'll have additional space courtesy of Clements whether he stays or goes, it's simply a question of how much. It will be interesting to see how the 49ers spend the money they had likely allocated to Takeo Spikes.

It was interesting to note this Barrows tweet about Spikes: In demand: "FA linebacker Takeo Spikes says he's being courted by San Diego, Tennessee, Seattle and St. Louis. SF a distant 5th at the moment." Barrows put together a post about the Spikes situation in which it sounded like the 49ers interest was less than the other teams.

Given that Spikes received three years from San Diego, that "lack of interest" could mean one of two things: 1) the 49ers weren't all that interested in bringing him back in any role, or 2) they weren't interested in giving him three years. It leaves some room for interpretation as to just how interested the 49ers really were in bringing back Spikes. If Spikes does put pen to paper with San Diego on Friday I suppose it really doesn't matter. I'll wish him well for his long term future but that's about it.