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NFL Free Agents 2011: Matt Hasselbeck Agrees To Contract With Tennessee Titans

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Well, it looks like any potential discussion surrounding Matt Hasselbeck will be coming to a close. The terms of the contract were not disclosed but it sounds like he might have received a multi-year deal with the Titans. Aside from his injury issues, that would make sense as a reason for the 49ers not to pursue Hasselbeck any further.

There has been some speculation the 49ers might add some level of veteran quarterback, but aside from Hasselbeck they haven't really been connected to any other QBs at this point. Some folks wanted to see the 49ers trade for Josh Johnson but there hasn't been any discussion of that. Kyle Orton is available via trade but no mention (not that many want the Neck Beard).

Really we're at a point where the Matt Moore's and Marc Bulger's of the world are your best free agent options. Is there anything to suggest we won't see Alex Smith, David Carr and Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers quarterback options every Sunday this year?