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49ers Free Agency Plans: Remain Calm, All Is Well!

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First and foremost:

OK, I can't say for sure that all is well because at this moment, it's hard to tell what exactly is going on here with the 49ers. Two of the free agents expected to return, David Baas and Takeo Spikes, have both left for greener pastures, leaving 49ers fans holding the bag and wondering what direction the team is taking.

Twitter is all...atwitter with people seeing the 49ers entering into a sure-fire rebuilding process. Some suggest it could be the removal of players used to losing, although given the 49ers record the last six years there are a lot more people to remove if that is in fact the plan.

What seems to concern people as well is the fact that the 49ers really haven't been connected with any free agents in discussions. That's not to say they won't, but it does leave one wondering what exactly is the plan. I have faith in Football Operations if only because I don't really have much other choice.

49ers football operations has had a long offseason to develop a plan for free agency and I can't think they didn't have a plan when the lockout ended. Of course, as Mike Tyson once said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

For now though, until we see what happens with the Nate Clements contract and any possibly free agent additions, it's really hard to wrap our heads around the 49ers 2011 plans. Maybe it's rebuilding, maybe it's some sort of reloading? For now, what do you think is the 49ers philosophy at this point? Or is it impossible to tell?