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Adam Schefter, Michael Lombardi: Frank Gore Planning To Hold Out Of Training Camp

Well, geez isn't this fantastic. Earlier today Michael Lombardi indicated Frank Gore was interested in a new deal but didn't say he would actually hold out. Adam Schefter is now following that up with this:

Consider this a welcome-to-the-NFL moment for 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh: RB Frank Gore is planning to hold out when SF reports to camp.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The 49ers somewhat tumultuous week is getting more and more tumultuous with this latest news. Gore is the team's number one running back and is entering the final season of a contract that has been quite friendly for the 49ers. Now he is looking to sign a new deal before he hits free agency after this season.

The past couple days have been fairly crazy with Spikes and Baas leaving, but Frank Gore holding out is a much bigger problem. The 49ers do lack a center, but given the fact that Mike Solari converted Baas to center with no pro experience at the position, I'm less inclined to worry. It's not quite so easy when you're dealing with a running back like Frank Gore. Yes he's coming off the hip injury, but given that it wasn't a Bo Jackson-style hip issue I'd imagine he'll be back and fine this season.

How do the 49ers handle this? Gore turned 28 this offseason. He's on the right side of 30 but he's shown an ability to get nicked up. Do the 49ers work out something like a three year deal with big bucks, or will it take four years to make it happen?