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Conflicting Information About 49ers And Nate Clements

Fooch's Update #2: Given the insanity of this week and the unique circumstances, site decorum will be off for now. It'll go back on when things quiet down in the next week.

Fooch's UpdateJason LaCanfora just tweeted that the 49ers have NOT informed Clements he will be released. As he put it, it doesn't mean Clements won't get cut tomorrow, but LaCanfora is claiming the earlier report was incorrect. If Maiocco responds I'll post that in here as well.

I do believe the phrase that pays here would be two simple words: GAME.ON. Matt Maiocco just tweeted that he received word from a source that the 49ers have told Nate Clements they will be releasing him tomorrow. The move will clear $15 million in cap space just as things are heating up with former Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha.

This decision indicates either a confidence in landing Nnamdi (one of my favorite NFL first names by the way), or the 49ers figure if they lose out to the Jets or Texans they can back the Brink's up for another big name corner. I'm going to guess the former at this point as names are coming off the shelf fairly quickly.

The 49ers officially emerged as a dark horse candidate earlier today and appear set to do what ever is necessary to make this deal happen. As Hungry Hunter pointed out in a previous comment the team will add this $15 million in space to their $8 following draft picks and Alex Smith, as well as the ability to borrow money towards this year's cap.

The money is there to make a big splash at this point. If it's not Nnamdi, is there really anybody else out there of sufficient significance to justify this number of moves?