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You Stay Classy Takeo Spikes

Free agency naturally means the departure of some of our favorite players. After a player agrees to terms with another team it's easy to quickly forget about the player and move on. Takeo Spikes agreed to terms with the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday and will officially sign his new contract on Friday. In the meantime TKO put together a final video for 49ers fans over at his website.

Spikes was a true beast for the 49ers defense the last three seasons. As he says, people wrote him off after he got injured at the end of the 2007 season. The 49ers rolled the dice with a fairly low risk deal and Spikes has paid off ten times over. He not only proved to be a solid mentor for Patrick Willis and the defense, but he was also able to perform at a consistently high level that really benefited the defense. It's a shame the 49ers didn't win more games during his time, but it wasn't for lack of effort from TKO.

While it's a shame to see him leave, I certainly wish him the best of luck moving forward. I could care less if the Chargers get to the playoffs, but hopefully Spikes can continue his personal run of success.