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Free Agency roundup through July 27, 2011

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Whoooeee!. What a busy couple of days this has been. I think that most people predicted that it would be busy but the amount of mayhem coming through. Normally free agency is spread out over 3 or 4 months. The first day you'll have a few big name signings, and then news will trickle in. Due to the lockout everything had to be done immediately. Negotiating with your own free agents, signing undrafted free agents, talking to other team's free agents, all in the space of a few days to beat the rat race.

To complicate things even further this free agency is turning into a spending spree due to the new CBA rules. In 2011 99% of the salary cap has to be spent on actual salary, and in 2012 it has to be 95%. This means that teams who are way under are going to have to spend big, and teams that are way over are slashing players left and right.

On to the news. I'm going to focus on the NFC West in particular and big name free agents as we have time.


David Baas signs 3 year deal with the Giants. No idea on the value of the contract. Apparently he has family in New York and wanted to be closer to them.

Takeo Spikes signs 3 year, $9 million deal with the Chargers

Dashon Goldson appears to be high on the Raiders wish list.

Clements was rumored to be cut, and then he wasn't.

Frank Gore is apparently going to hold out for something.

No rumors leaked about Lawson or Franklin

Ray McDonald signs a 5 year $20 million deal with $7 million guaranteed.

Alex Smith signs a 1 year $5 million deal he 49ers signed a whole bunch of undrafted free agents.

Nmandi Asomugha is a priority free agent acquistion for the 49ers.

Seattle Seahawks

Sidney Rice signs a a 5 year $44 million deal with $18.5 million
Tarvaris Jackson signs a
Robert Galley signed a 3 year deal . He'll be reunited with Tom Cable
They also sign a UDFA kicker, a whole bunch of other UDFA
Matt Hasselbeck signs a 3 year deal with the Titans. It's worth $21 million, with $11 million guaranteed.
Brandon Mebane is in talks with the Seahawks to stick around.

Seahawks SBNation blog--Field Gulls

St. Louis Rams

Quentin Mikell signs a 4 year deal
Larry Grant is cut by the team.
A whole bunch of undrafted free agents got signed by them too
Rumor has it that the Rams and the Eagles are the primary contenders for Reggie Bush. Supposedly they're interested in Brandon Mebane as well as Malcolm Floyd

Visit the Rams at Turf Show TImes

Arizona Cardinals

Steve Breaston is headed to KC.
Tight End Jeff King signs with the Cardinals
Rumor is that the Cardinals want Kolb badly but the Eagles are asking for a 2nd round pick and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie.

Revenge of the Birds